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Rapid fill water balloons

Rapid fill water balloons

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  Water play releases energy- Water play can be both calming and invigorating for children and adults, depending on the activity. Splashing, kicking, and running around the water can be a great way to release pent-up energy. A  great way for you to have fun and let off some steam!

   Develop motor skills with water play- Fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination are constantly refined as children scoop and pour water and fill and empty containers in a multitude of different ways.

   Develop social skills through water play- A great way for children to learn to share and take turns as they share the physical space and the play items in the water. It’s an avenue for children to take their first steps from playing alongside someone to actually playing with someoneas they follow other children’s ideas and join in with them, or by initiating an idea themselves.

   Building language and communication with water play By introducing new play items to their way of playing with water brings with it new vocabulary choices for all the play items and play scenarios involved, a fantastic resource for building new vocabulary andpractice communication and language skills as they play with water.

   Water play can stimulate creativity and imagination By regularly changing the play items to go with water to stimulate children’s discovery in new ways. Easy ways to change water play instantly is to add color with food dye or add bubbles with dish soap or bubble bath.

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