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Sliders or fidget puzzles

Sliders or fidget puzzles

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It technically has electronic components in that

(1) the screen in the top left corner displays one of 500 possible puzzles to solve, and

(2) when the red square reaches its goal (bottom middle), there is a sensor that triggers progression to the next puzzle.


Innovative and Interactive - Super Slide is an interactive game console for sliding jigsaw puzzles. Follow the LED to set a game, the goal is to shift the big square block to the automatic detection zone.

Develop critical skills - Playing through 500+ leveled-up built-in games, young players can develop their reasoning and planning skills. It combines learning and playing while limiting screen time.

Learn Mode - Stuck in the game? Get a clue from the learn mode, you can play it step by step either forward or backward.
Challenge Mode: Test yourself with the time-limits challenge, which rates solve time from Fail to Super. Sharpen your skills every day, you will see the progress and get better!

Great gift - Maths concept and retro handheld game boy design, support 60 hours game playing, travel-friendly and a great gift for kids and puzzle players.

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